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Punjabi Fusion was established in 2016 with an ambition to introduce regional flavours from the North Western state of India – Punjab.

The founder of Punjabi Fusion had a passion to share his childhood tastes and experiences from his homeland in Punjab to Sydney locals who can appreciate the efforts that bring this fruition to life.


“It’s all about the quality and freshness, that our guests are experiencing the best cuisine outside of Punjab right here in Harris Park. Having knowledge of the taste, there is no room for short cuts, we provide our guests with real flavours found from my hometown in Punjab.”


Punjabi Fusions qualified chefs hail from five-star hotels in India who possess the knowledge, experience and cooking techniques that amplify our dishes. It allows them to reach new heights and create dishes that govern modern Indian cuisine. Our charcoal tandoor allows our chefs to use specialised cooking techniques to generate more wholesome and smoky flavours into our dishes.


Punjabi Fusion pays homage to the eateries and the food from Punjab. Without their endeavours we would not be able to encourage the evolution of Punjabi cuisine to its finest!

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